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Transfigured Night

Project, Direction and Choreography: Manuela Nogales

Music: Transfigured Night by A. Schönberg (1874-1951)

Original music: Lehónidas Boskovec

Performers: Inés García, Lucía Vázquez, Leticia Gude, María Moguer, Raquel Navarro, Manuel Cañadas

Lighting and sound: Guillermo Suero

Costumes: Manu-Kost/ Ellavled Alcano

Repeater: Lucía Vázquez

Photography and video: Lehónidas Boskovec

Production: Camille Cartier

Collaboration: Asociación Artística Puerta de Córdoba


Transfigured Night is a musical work inspired by Richard Dehmel’s poem, with which it bears a close parallel: in an oak forest and under a shining moon, a woman deeply in love with a man she has recently met, painfully confesses to him that she is expecting a child by a stranger. The man, influenced by the lunar glow that passes through them, asks her not to be mortified, for the magical light that floods them will transform the child into a child of both of them.

This symphonic poem explores feelings such as anguish, guilt, fear, indecipherable burdens and landscapes of nature that merge with interior landscapes. The work has an expressive sobriety, chiaroscuro between the moonlight and the darkness of the forest, the warmth of the lovers and the coldness of the night, the nakedness of the dead branches and the woman’s life-laden womb, guilt and pity, despair, love and transfiguration.


Manuela Nogales Danza


MANUELA NOGALES DANZA is a project for research into the language of movement and contemporary dance and the creation of choreographic works of authorship. This research has been shared since 2001 with the composer Lehonidas Boskovec. Created in 1996, the work of the Company has contributed qualitatively to the improvement and development of this artistic sector in Andalusia, decisively influencing professional development and creating expectations outside the Community. Another significant fact is that the Company often has professionals belonging to different artistic sectors, forming a creative production and creation with its own aesthetics.

The company is 26 years old, with more than 30 pieces premiered. Nominated in the 2013 and 2014 editions of the Premios Escenarios de Sevilla and in 2018 it received the award for Best Choreography and Costumes for the show “Silencio y Ruido”, also premiered at the Teatro Central.

In 2021, with five nominations at the Escenarios de Sevilla Awards, it received the Best Dance Show Award, Best Choreography Award and Best Dancer Award for Lucía Vázquez for the show “Poéticas en la Sombra”, which premiered at the Teatro Central in Seville in 2020.

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