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The girl in the group

Main actors: Montse Rueda, Sario Téllez

Direction: Sario Téllez

Playwright: Montse Rueda / Sario Téllez

Music and sound space: Corea (Carlota Berzal and Montse Rueda) + Slowproject

Audiovisual creation: Javier G. Nomón

Lighting and sound: María Viñuela/Matthieu Berthelot



This dramatic/musical piece shows the artistic and life trajectory of a woman, conditioned by a strong patriarchal structure that will affect her personal growth and her career, in which she will have to fight alone with a multitude of external and internal obstacles to achieve her vital and professional goals.

The play also aims to review and make visible the role of women in music and the performing arts in general, showing the difficulties they had to face in this country, after a fierce dictatorship and up to the present day. To this end, we accompany our protagonist on her personal life journey, common to that of so many other brave women who dared to break the structures and roles imposed on them, sometimes at a high cost to their lives, dealing with loneliness, misunderstanding, harassment or lack of support, as well as their own inner conflicts.


Rueda/Téllez Project

La Chica Del Grupo has the extensive experience in the theatre scene of Sario Téllez as director and the actress and singer Montse Rueda as the main driving force behind the show. With the music of the group COREA and the collaboration of SLOW PROJECT, interpreting texts and original musical pieces and versions of some women musicians who are referents such as Bárbara Strozzi or PJ. Harvey among others.

This project was carried out with the support of Factoría Cultural del ICAS and the Ágora programme of the Junta de Andalucía and premiered at the 38th edition of the Feria de Teatro de Palma del Río in 2021. It was also a finalist in the VI CINTA (Rendezvous of Innovators of Andalusian Theatre) organised by TNT Atalaya and is currently part of the catalogue of theatre shows of the Andalusian Network of Public Theatres and the Seville Provincial Council’s Theatre Circuit 2022/23.

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