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Original music by Bernardo Parrilla

Performed by: Anna París, Sandra Ortega, Raquel


PERSEIDAS is the new creation of 2Proposiciones danza teatro, after the successful tour of Pacto de Fuga, Raquel, Anna and Sandra focus on highlighting and paying tribute to teamwork, because they shine together, travel together, circulate their energy and deploy it to the universe in a constant and kinetic way. Space travellers, always connected to the earth and its roots, they propose with this piece to reveal that no matter how insignificant we are in comparison with the whole universe, in company you can navigate it, even enjoy it and illuminate it.


Two dance-theatre proposals


The company, led by Raquel Madrid, was founded in 2005 in Seville with the aim of encouraging direct communication with spectators who are not necessarily specialised in contemporary dance. This beginning evolves in these seventeen years to an in-depth study of the dance/theatre genre, working from the artistic need to tell stories and using all the artistic resources that the story itself requires: the word, the visual and plastic arts, the circus.

 Anything goes if it is necessary and adds up to the scenic fact. During these years she has worked uninterruptedly at local, national and international level, showing her productions in China, New York, Italy, Cuba, Korea and other countries. She has also been awarded several times by the Association of Dance Professionals in Andalusia (PAD).

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