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Cast: Ana Cuervas, María Salmerón, Bego Peñaranda
Direction: Aritza Rodríguez
Aerial techniques: Arkaitz Jiménez
Costumes: Yoli Urkiza
Lighting: Arnaitz Anglade
Video: Meraki Estudio
Nudo de Rojo Telón


And they will wallow in an eternal bacchanal to enter a state of lethargy and thus transcend to become them again.

And who are they?
Three untied ones.

Three women who, through humour, performance and circus techniques (aerial and floor), will travel through different worlds to make the audience go wild and live a heavenly experience.



Rojo Telón


In 2015 the matriarchy Rojo Telón was born, under the guise of a circus company, from the hand and heart of Ana Cuervas, Begoña Peñaranda and Maider Yabar; with the intention of occupying the resounding silence of women’s shows in the Basque Country.

Soy Ellas / Haiek naiz was our first action, directed by Agurtzane Intxaurraga. It was a creation that accompanied us for four years, during which we found our own language with which to transmit our experiences, doubts, longings and joys… through movement.

After touring fairs, festivals, squares and frontons with our message, in 2019 we decided to take a new step and a new creation: Nudo, joined by María Salmerón as a new member of the company.

And as there are no two without three (let them tell us) and one of our greatest pleasures is the creative process, in 2023 comes a new exploration: Transir. Where our shadow collaborator Xandra Arostegui takes the stage with us to create the sound universe of the show.

And we will continue to extend our vision of the circus, of theatre and of life as long as the heart holds out.

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