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Crumbs (of crumbs)

Production company: Bronte Producciones
Direction: CHOS
Playwright: Rut Santamaría
Playwriting consultant: Adrián Perea
Cast: Noemi Climent and Rut Santamaría
Assistant director: Nur Rubio
Set design: Joaquín López-Bailo
Costumes: Reme Gómez
Musical composition: Carolina Etreros
Choreography: Mercé Grané
Lighting and sound technician: Ana López
Photography: Anita Alvarado
Miga de Migajas escenario


Two microphones, a stage, a lot to laugh about and a secret to share. A story about overcoming adversity through humour and the absurd. Our protagonists long to be the most modern, to work, to succeed… happiness, but the stone of Sisyphus seems to have taken a liking to them.

Two “optimistic little people” who never lose their enthusiasm for anything and who, in their search for happiness, or for a decent job, or for success, or for eternal youth, or for survival, or for equal opportunities, or for followers on Instagram… (they mix it all up) go on their particular “hero/heroine’s journey” accompanied by the audience.

We live with them a whole journey of hilarious misadventures in a search for identity and acceptance of oneself and others. Irreverent, fighting, ironic, sometimes absurd and on many occasions surreal, they share with us, through a variety of situations, their free yearnings for their own identity and the acceptance of others.



Bronte Produciones


Bronte Producciones was born out of the need to bring Neil Labute’s “Lo Posible” to the stage. A project promoted by Mariano Barroso and directed by José Manuel Carrasco, in Madrid, in 2017. Bronte Producciones is made up of the actresses Noemi Climent and Rut Santamaría. Bronte is also the surname of the three admired writers, a variety of durum wheat, which despite adverse conditions of high temperatures and scarcity of water, has a high productivity. Metaphorical essence of our relationship with the theatrical scene.


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