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Memories of Rag

NaNa Danza Project Company
DURATION: 45 min
RECOMMENDED AGE: All audiences (+4 years)
PERFORMERS: Teresa Martin Sauceda and Paula Carmona
DIRECTED BY: Paula Carmona Jiménez
CHOREOGRAPHY: Teresa Martín Sauceda
LIGHT DESIGN: María Victoria Rosa
ORIGINAL MUSIC: Carlos López and Noemí Pareja
SCENOGRAPHY: Carlos Monzón and Paula Carmona
ART ARTISTIC DESIGN: Susana Sarrander and Teresa Martín Sauceda
CLOTHING: Sandra Carrasco


It is an emotional and poetic dance-theatre piece. It tells the story of a woman who carries with her a mountain of memories, experiences, roots… A whole cultural and emotional baggage that she will be unravelling through the fabrics with which she forms her refuge.

She is not alone. She is accompanied by her shadow who, through tenderness and play, will illuminate her memories and enliven the emotions she carries with her.


NaNa Danza Project Company


NaNa Project is a meeting point between dance, physical theatre and family audiences.

Their first show “NaNa, una canción diferente” has been awarded as Best Dance Theatre Show in Fetén 2018.

Their stage proposals use movement as a universal language that narrates beyond words, transcending ages, genders and cultures, all expressed from the most essential and authentic: the body.

In “Memorias de Trapo”, their latest production, the company also uses the manipulation of objects and lights: clothes that come to life transforming into puppets and an electronic device invented by the company that creates an atmosphere of magic and play.

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