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The Great Adventure of Aladdin and the Wonderful Lamp

Text/Direction/Performance/Marionettes : MARIO COPETE

Scenography/Lighting/Assistant Director: VALENTÍN DONAIRE

Scenography/Costumes/Confection: ÁNGELA GUERRERO


Video: CIRAE



Alsid Thawmab, a storyteller and seller of second-hand, one-time-use junk, has arrived from a faraway place lost in time. He will probably want to sell us some of the relics he has in his stall, but he will also tell us the story that goes with them. “If they didn’t have a good story, they would just be old junk. Who wouldn’t want to get hold of a treasure map that has only been used once? Or perhaps the battery-less watch of a famous philosopher who tells the exact time at least twice a day… Thousands of objects with their thousands of stories. It is said that among all these objects, one stands out with a marvellous story. It is said that Alsid found an old lamp that belonged to a certain Aladdin, and that for some time it was full of magic. It is not surprising that when Alsid tells his story, he entitles it: The Great Adventure of Aladdin and the Wonderful Lamp.

In this free version of the classic tale we meet a sorcerer’s apprentice willing to do anything to become the most powerful magician in the world, a kind and curious boy with a passion for chocolate, and of course, the coolest genies in the world.


Marcopan productions

MarcoPan was born as a project at the initiative of Mario Copete at the end of 2018, who after years of dedication to the performing arts both technically and artistically, decided to create a new platform from which to present his vision of puppet theatre in a more personal way. Combining tradition and innovation both in the staging and in the techniques of puppet construction and manipulation

construction and manipulation of puppets are the fundamental pillars of this new project that includes from the realization of shows, to the formation through workshops or the technical production of shows and events. To start this new journey, the 31st of March 2019 will be the premiere of the first show of MarcoPan

MarcoPan’s first show: “The great adventure of Aladdin and the Wonderful Lamp”. A show for solo puppeteer, medium format and mixed technique. An adventure for the whole family in which, starting from some of the characters of the classic tale, he creates a new story full of kindness, friendship and, of course, magic.

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